“Rotunda” the Church of Mosta

The Rotunda Church of Mosta attracts many tourists from all over the world, especially in mid-August..

Mosta is one of the largest cities in Malta, located in the center of the island about 17 km from Valletta. The protector of this city is Santa Maria Assunta, to which the famous Round Church was erected.

“La Rotunda” or Church of the Assumption (so known) is among the most important churches in Malta, was designed by the architect Giorgio Grognet de Vassé and dates back to the 19th century. Its construction began in May 1833 and was completed after approximately 27 years.

Giorgio Grognet de Vassé, in love with Italy, was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome for his project.

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The Church of the Assumption was built around an existing church, because it wanted to continue to give people a place of worship even during construction work.

Making this church so famous in the eyes of all is its imposing dome, with a diameter of 37 meters, which makes it the 4th largest in the world and perhaps the 1st for the largest dome built without supports. Truly an architectural genius.

But this majestic building has passed the time of the Second World War, risking to be destroyed.

It was April 9, 1942, when a bomb of over 200 kg. was dropped by the Germans, but that luckily or miracle, that bomb hit the sacristy, while mass was celebrated, without exploding.

It is said that the bomb was once impacted on the sacristy, not exploded, but opened up and inside it instead of being the load of explosive dust, there was only sand and a note with the greetings of the workers of the now famous car brand “Skoda “, which in those days was still unknown. In fact, it seems that the workers, held hostage inside the company, as boycotted the production and preparation of the bomb, filling it with sand rather than with explosive dust.

Today in the exact spot where the bomb fell, it is possible to visit, a faithful reproduction.

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