Terms and Conditions

GT-GozoTour.com, organizes, promotes and develops tourism to Malta,  Gozo and Comino using own means and facilities in addition to means, facilities and services of partners.

Online Booking Request:
1) Application for Online Reservation comes through the module that you fill out online, filling all the required mandatory fields.

2) Sending the Reservation Request form  It does not have any kind of value as confirmation for services, means and facilities on dates  selected during compilation and submission. Sending this form is just a collection of information to allow the team of GT-GozoTour.com to draw up a price quote of your holiday in as much detail as possible.

3) Validation of the estimate and acceptance It is valid only after the User / Customer has reviewed the documentation prepared by the team  and sent by email to the address indicated  in the process of filling out the form and executes the payment  the advance equal to 30% of the whole sum or the entire sum using one of the methods indicated in the booking email.

4) From receipt of the estimate in case of request for further information,  change reservation or sending any required documents  by GT-GozoTour.com, contact the Customer  Care Center and open a “Ticket”

5) The estimate is valid for 7 (seven) days from sending GT-GozoTour.com

Booking confirmation:

1 ) The booking confirmation is active as soon as you receive the email confirmation of receipt and registration of the requested amounts. For any information, request related to the confirmed reservation you can contact the GT-GozoTour.com Team by opening a “Ticket” in the appropriate Customer Care Center section and open a new Ticket.

2) To confirm your reservation is necessary  pay the security deposit equal to 30% of the amount of the entire reservation.  This amount must be made no later than 7 days from receipt of the official estimate.  With the exception of any agreed extensions.

3) Failure of the deposit (30%) expected to p.2 (COP) of this topic, the reservation is not to be considered active and therefore it is permanently canceled. To be able to confirm your booking out of time as expected in this topic, it is necessary to perform a new booking request again  recompiling and sending the Online Booking Request form,  at the prices and conditions of the time of sending that in the meantime they may have suffered variations.


1) GT-GozoTour.com does not directly manipulate none of your sensitive data related to credit cards or similar systems. But it uses systems and services owned by third parties,  as Banks and PayPal

2) GT-GozoTour.com will never send a request by email  to send your credit card information, as it is not expected  for our company policy handle credit cards remotely.

3) The methods accepted for payment of your reservation are as follows:
– Cash on arrival *
– Bank transfer
– PayPal (a fee of 2.90% is expected)
– Credit Card on your arrival (there is a 2.40% commission)
– PostePay

for further information,  change reservation or sending any required documents  by GT-GozoTour.com, contact the Customer  Care Center and open a “Ticket”

(*) only if authorized in advance by GT-GozoTour

Changing a confirmed reservation:

It is obligatory to forward the confirmed reservation modification request only through our Customer Support Center  by opening a new Ticket  in the special section reserved for reservations.

GT-GozoTour.com may apply an additional cost to your modification if foreseen by the agreements in place with the Partners.


1) The prices shown on the site https://gt-gozotour.com are to be understood including VAT.

2) Tourist tax is not included in the public prices but you will find it in the estimate elaborated by the GT-GozoTour.com Team. Currently in the state of Malta the tourist tax (EcoTax)  it is equal to € 0.50 / cent. per night and per person.

3) Prices may undergo small variations due of fuel increases, energy or taxes. In this case, the customer will receive timely notice at the e-mail address communicated during the purchase phase of the services and in any case the increase can not exceed 8% as provided by DIRECTIVE (EU) 2015/2302 on the traveler protection

Cancellazione e Rimborsi:

1) The cancellation of a confirmed reservation if norificata before the 20 (twenty) days  of the date of arrival, you are not entitled to any refund

2) The cancellation request made as a result of any increase as described in p.3 (Prices topic) entitles you to a refund of the full amount paid, except for the caution amount of 30%  the full amount plus the charge of any costs for the reimbursement itself or any expenses incurred.

3) You will be entitled to the full reimbursement of the sums already paid,  reduced by 30% if the reservation is canceled before the deadlines set by the subject “Cancellation and Refund” p.1