Hi, I’m Francesco Cordone, founder

I founded this company in 2016, and my adventurous spirit, it has always led me to do what most stimulated me.

I love traveling, I love to give emotions and today I am here to make available my experience gained in organizing trips.

I am Trainer C.M.A.S. ( Confédération mondiale des activités subaquatiques )
for scuba diving and Freediver Trainer PADI ( Professional Association of Diving Instructors ) and diving instructor of the latter.

Diving Malta

Our mission:
We believe in low-impact tourism, our only goal is to promote the beautiful Maltese archipelago, including the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

We offer complete and detailed tourism services we recommend, we suggest what to do once you arrive on the Maltese Islands, What you need to know why the stay to be pleasant, friendly and convenient.

To promote the region we do the following:
identify, organize, promote and market Maltese tourist and cultural services; promote the Malta and Gozo brand in the tourism sector; encourage the marketing of food and wine, typical and craft products of Malta, in Gozo and abroad.

Other forms of collaboration are guaranteed by young people in different EU countries and not, that help us customize, based on their experience, the offer for tourists residing abroad.

More information on this type of collaboration you can find them in the “Work with us” section.