Gozo Walk: From Marsalforn to St. Lawrenz

walk StartMarsalforn, il Zebbug (Gozo)
walk finishAzure Window Ruins – San Lawrenz (Gozo)
walk difficultyHigh
walk distance13,4 Km
walk timeh 2:50′
Bus Stop
BUS 310
“from Victoria to Il-Zebbug”
BUS 322
“from Mgarr Ferry to Marsalforn”
Bus StopBUS 311 “from St. Lawrenz to Victoria”
BUS 312
“from Mgarr Ferry to Marsalforn”
Bus Stop(301 direct )(BUS 323)(BUS 303)
“from Victoria to ferry”
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Like a little bit for all the tours we’ve designed for you, even the departure of this is easily accessible by public transport, car or bicycle.

Marsalforn; Salt Pans, Il-Zebbug ; Whied Ghasri, Il-Zebbug ; Wied Il-Mielah ,L-Gharb ; Ta’Pinu, L-Gharb; Azure Window Ruins, San Lawrenz.

I consider this itinerary to be the most interesting of the other five and even if the distance traveled is similar to the others, although in our guide it is classified as “High”, remains the most beautiful route because of the sites that you will visit because they are the major attractions of tourist interest in the small island of Gozo.

The route start from Marsalforn which is one of the busiest tourist resorts along with Xlendi and begins with a splendid walk along the seafront of this town. Immediately after the seafront, you’ll find yourself skirting the famous ” ancient Salt Pans” surrounded by their territory of white limestone, as if to convey to you the feeling of a lunar territory. (Photo of the Salt Pans).

The last Il-Zebbug site is the fantastic “Whied Ghasri” which lies between three hills and two imposing cliffs. Whied Ghasri is pleasant at any time, for those who love meditation, find relaxation or a swim in the crystal clear waters. (Photos).

Continuing the journey, you will find yourself in “Wied Il-Mielah” is the one that today consider the new Azure Window, after the collapse of that in San Lawrenz. You are halfway there and if fatigue is winning, I suggest you get to the town of Sgharb and take a Bus for your return. From Għarb to the Ferry is the same Bus to Victoria Ir-Rabat (312). With this bus you arrive in Victoria and change them for the ferry or other destinations in Gozo.
Ta’Pinu, L-Gharb is an important religious place of worship in the Maltese archipelago. The great Cathedral attracts many tourists every year and is a pilgrimage destination for many.

Fantastic are the precious marble naves and the mosaics that reconstruct the passion of Christ. Resuming the journey to head towards the final goal, the Azure Window Ruins, you can admire the many small chapels where the Via Crucis is represented.

If you can make it to the Azure Window Ruins, and you feel tired, it’s understandable.

Azure Window has been for centuries the Icon, the symbol that identified the minor island of Malta, Gozo. She was also the muse for many poets.

Unfortunately the morning of March 8th 2017, a terrible news shook the world. “The Azure Window Has Collapsed”. What until now has been the symbol of Gozo, a terrible storm threw her down. This ride is also available by bicycle with or without a guide. For more information, contact us.

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