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Frequently asked questions about browsing the GT-GozoTour website.

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Why can’t I register my email to one of your offer channels?
One reason could be because your email address is already entered in that channel. To solve the problem:
  1. If you have another valid email try a new one
  2. If the problem persists or you do not have another address to enter, write us an email from here.

How to change my subscriptions?

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time.

To do one of these operations, just follow the “Link” that you find under each NewsLetter.

Useful Information

Useful and emergency numbers

The number for all emergencies in the state of Malta (Police; Ambulance; Fire Brigade)


Malta International Airport Information Office

Malta International Airport Information Office

+356 21249600

Gozo Channel Information Office (Malta / Gozo Ferry)

Gozo Channel Information Office (Malta / Gozo Ferry)

+356 22109000


Documents to arrive in Malta

To arrive in Malta you do not need a passport for citizens of countries belonging to the Europe area.

Electrical outlets

In Malta the electricity network is 220 volts and the UK outlet is used.  So it is possible that you need an adapter to use your electrical plugs. Adapters are readily available in any store for € 5,00. It is useful to know that there are no electrical outlets in the bathrooms.

adattatore elettrico


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