Diving in Malta and Gozo


Among the many leisure activities that the Maltese archipelago offers its tourists, certainly they can not be overlooked many divers from all over the world.

In fact, the small Maltese archipelago has 115 active Diving Centers and considering the surface of the two main islands Malta and Gozo, they sure are not few.

What guard the waters that surround the Maltese archipelago? And it is well said. The heart of the Mediterranean waters offer plenty of dive sites including reef, wrecks and caves of which many are passers-by. Going in order, starting with the different dive sites that relate to the reef it is important to say that we can find them for all tastes and suitable for any type of patent level. This is possible because the seabed is characterized by calcareous rocks, has a shape made by terracing and therefore this facilitates the various stops of decompression and safety for those more experienced divers who dive to greater depths.

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