A visit to Malta or Gozo is not just about enriching your cultural knowledge, there are also lots of fun, adventurous, sports and leisure experiences for families, friends, singles and couples.

Choose the activities for your stay in Gozo or Malta

Malta and Gozo are world famous for their seabeds. People who love this sport can choose from over 100 diving sites, including wrecks, caves or tunnels, and gorgeous reefs. It is also possible for people without licence to try our “Experience Programs“, suitable for everyone, including children aged 8 and over.
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Go snorkelling and explore Malta and Gozo’s amazing seabeds for an unforgettable day. The well-prepared, professional guides will take you to the most impressive diving sites.
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One of the oldest sports in the world. Freedom and getting to know your body’s limits are the elements that inspire enthusiasts of this sport to practise it all over the world. Gozo and Malta offer suitable sites for this kind of sport. You can also take part in various courses, from a basic to a professional level, right up to becoming a Freediving Instructor.
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Air Sup:
The Sup is an ancient discipline that helps you explore Gozo’s most enchanting island views. What is more enchanting than watching the sunset or sunrise from the silent paradise of the sea?
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